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First batch of seedlings for the 2019 season are underway!

Hortimare will yet again be supplying us with seedlings for our seaweed farm on the west coast of Bergen and have started induction of the first of three delivery batches. The first batch of seedlings for 26km of Saccharina Latissima will be delivered on October 30th and deployment will be initiated...

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Arctic Seaweed AS joins the innakva cluster

Arctic Seaweed is based in Flekkefjord, on the south coast of Norway. The region is well known as a cradle for successful and innovative aquaculture startups and there are many recent ventures that have created significant values for the industry. A selection of these companies have formed a cluster...

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Norsk Tareforening

Arctic Seaweed AS joins Norwegian Seaweed Farms association

Arctic Seaweed AS strongly believe that cooperation is the foundation for growth and development. The Norwegian Seaweed farming industry is still in the pioneering stage and by sharing knowledge and experience across all disciplines we can all contribute in developing a solid future oriented and sus...

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