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Controlled environment

Precision cultivation

Traditionally seaweed is harvested using trawling techniques. Such techniques destroy the seabed, have a long-term negative impact on surrounding marine life and create a lot of excess waste that has to be thrown away. Other techniques are often small scale and as such are not commercially viable; taking too much space and time to get too little product. As you can imagine, we saw this as a problem that needed to be fixed.

Our approach is unlike any other. Our ability to react to sea conditions, temperatures and nutrient content means we guarantee a superior quality product. Added to this our cutting, packing and freezing techniques results in our seaweed being exposed to air for only a maximum of 30 minutes. We lock in all the goodness quicker than anyone else.

Depth Temperature

Precise depth & temperature control

We have designed agility into our system. This means that we are, at any one time, able to react and adjust to changes in local sea conditions, currents, temperatures and light levels. Our system allows us to adjust the elevation and position of our growth substrate in order to expose the plants to the ideal growing conditions through the season.

Scaleable Production

A scaleable modular concept

We believe in the huge potential of seaweed. Its health giving properties for humans and animals alike, its inherent positive impact on the environment and its ability to grow faster than any land based food source. 

That's why we have created a system that is modular and scalable in nature. It means it can be adopted and scaled to any requirement, be it small, large or industrial, and to any area. We can scale up or down according to market and environmental conditions, even moving it in reaction to them. 

Quick Harvest

Quick harvest

Exposing seaweed to air triggers a natural defence mechanism that negatively affects its taste and nutrient levels. Current industry standard exposes the plants to the elements for up to 8 hours or more, we keep it to 30 minutes, maximum. We do this to ensure that we don't lose any of that goodness we've taken the time and effort to nurture. 

When our plants are ready for harvesting we transport them, still attached to their module, through the waters it grew in, to an area close to a packing facility. Once there, we lift the seaweed out of the sea, cut, clean and pack frozen fresh, within 30 minutes. 

From sea to sealed in 30 minutes