Arctic Seaweed

Superior quality


We cultivate, process and distribute:

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  • Nutrition

Quality through pride

We take pride in everything we do, using innovation and care to cultivate mass scale nutritiously rich seaweed of a quality found nowhere else in the world.

Perfect Conditions

Untouched arctic

The untouched waters of the Arctic is the perfect incubator for seaweed.

Perfect conditions for seaweed

Our cold, pure arctic waters provide the perfect conditions for growing seaweed of the highest quality.

Seaweed's natural absorbtion properties mean that it takes in everything around it, good and bad. So, our pure arctic waters, far away from industrial pollution, is the perfect place to grow, what we think is, the world's best seaweed. 

Rich in mineral and nutrients, our waters allow for seaweed to grow at an incredible speed over short periods of time, without compromising flavour and nutritional value.

To ensure that all the goodness remains, we harvest every plant when they are young. Bringing our plants to shore before cutting, freezing and packing them frozen fresh, means our seaweed is exposed to as air for as short a time as possible, leaving only goodness for you and your customers. Try it for yourself


Superior Quality

High in nutrients, vitamins and minerals

One portion of with Winged or Sugar kelp gives us approximately all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals our body needs for an average day.

Nutrient content varies a small amount from plant to plant and from season to season. So, to maintain our superior quality, our team of experts undertake regular rigorous laboratory tests that measure nutritional levels. This means we have the agility to react to growing conditions, providing a consistently optimum cultivation environment. It gives our customers the confidence that our product remains of the highest quality.

Good Health

Good Health

A source for health and wellbeing

Just below the surface of the sea, we nurture an untapped resource for good; a plant that contains essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins for healthy living. Our seaweed contains substantially more health promoting components when compared to the majority of plants and animal food sources found on land. 

Our business is to care for a plant that can supplement as well as complement your product's health providing properties.

Our Story

Our Story

Arctic Seaweed is a Norwegian company who has grown-up alongside the arctic ocean. A collection of innovators and inventors from the marine engineering, aquaculture, restaurant and marine biology industries, we are breaking new ground toward growing and supplying the highest quality, ecologically cultivated seaweed in the world.

Traditional methods of seeding, cultivating and harvesting seaweed is very time consuming, occupies an unneccesary amount of valuable ocean space, has limited scalability properties, and the quality of the end product is often reduced due to long storage time prior to stabilization.

Our cross-discipline experience coupled with a methodological R&D process has, however, created a game changing approach that flips this situation on its head.

We have developed a new cultivation method that we expect will make the process 50x more efficient.

Our new approach means that we are more ecologically and financially efficient for customers. Our modular design system means we can be more reactive and scalable to different industry needs. While our production processes ensure superior quality is continuously monitored, optimised and guaranteed. 

We are proud of what we have created – the most cost efficient and sustainable method of cultivating and harvesting superior quality seaweed, with minimal impact on our pure arctic waters.

Applications & use


Nutritious food

A tasty food in its own right, we like to think that our seaweed can complement any dish. It's not just the Chinese and Japanese who understand its merits. Culinary traditions around the world, including Europe, have used seaweed as staple part of their diet thousands of years. It can enhance flavour and benefits from rich healthy vitamins. It is a wonderful addition to many dishes, giving them texture, crunch and forgotten flavours.


Healthy ingredients

Seaweed extracts are used in many consumer products, more than you might first believe. Often used as an emulsifier, but also for its umami flavour, seaweed is low in lipid levels, has a high fibre content and provides you with all the essential vitamins and minerals you need for an average day. 

Just one teaspoon of seaweed gives you the equivalent of calcium you receive in 60ml of milk, the same amount of potassium you get in a 32g banana, the iron found in 120g of spinach and the same amount of iodine you get in 12 whole mackerel. That's a lot of goodness.


Feeding animals

Vitamins and minerals are just as important for animals as they are for us. It improves their quality of of life and results in an end product that is both better for us and our tastebuds. 

Seaweed contains natural compounds that reduce inflammation. Because of this, research shows that adding seaweed to animal feed reduces the need for antibiotics. 

There are also emission benefits for farmers too. Tests have proven that adding just 3% seaweed to livestock feed reduces their methane emissions up to 90%. That's a fact worth thinking about.


Boosting beauty and aiding medicine

Due to its high mineral content, seaweed extracts are sought after ingredient for cosmetic products. Apart from its ultra-hydrating qualities, packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals, seaweed boasts anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory benefits.Added to this, its anti-bacterial properties make it an ideal ingredient for cleansing and fighting everything from acne to ageing. 

High in vitamins and minerals, our seaweed can help boost your wellbeing and immune system, whether it's an average day or when you might be feeling ill. And did you know that seaweed is the perfect plant to make pill capsules from? It's biological structure means making things like this is easy, and digestible.