Enabling a Global Sustainable

Seaweed Industry

Our philosophy

At Arctic Seaweed, our philosophy revolves around leveraging disruptive technology to revolutionize the seaweed cultivation industry. We believe that by embracing scale and cutting-edge innovations, we can drive a transformative shift in the market. Through our commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering collaborations, we are paving the way for a future where disruptive technology creates unprecedented opportunities in seaweed cultivation.

Our Technology


Mechanization & Automation

We use fully mechanized and automated direct seeding and harvesting.


Variable Depths & Submersible

Our farming technology is designed for variable depths catering for different species and local growing conditions and is submersible down to 50 meters.


Modular & Customizable

We design our farm system with a modular set up allowing step-by-step scaling and customization to local license conditions.

What we offer

Seaweed Biomass

We are offering food-grade seaweed. Current species include Alaria Esculanta and Saccharina Lattissima.

Seaweed as a service

Through our SaaS program we enable clients to get access to our seaweed platform through a unique partnership model. 

Are you interested?

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